multimedia installation, 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m, 2017

This installation explores the medium of astronomical telescope by reversing its basic function. What happens if the main optical element of the telescope, the parabolic mirror, is not used to create an image by focusing the light rays arriving from infinity into a single point, but conversely, the parallel light rays of a luminare placed in the focal point is relayed to infinity? 

I combined the installation with the kind of sky monitor used in astronomical devices, with the difference that this not only compensates the daily rotation of the Earth, but also its orbit around the Sun. Placing the Sun in the optical focal point, the device continuously follows the relative movement of our star, gradually tracing its orbit.


• Derko 2017, Kunsthalle, Budapest, 2017.03.05. – 2017.03.26.

• Deep Water, M21 Gallery, Pécs, 2017.12.12. – 2018.01.07.

• Inside Express IV. | My Favourite Experiments, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, 2018.01.18. – 2018.02.25.