site-specific installation, Sand Exhibition by Implausible Works Collective, Plusmínusnula Gallery, Zilina, 2017

The starting point of the SAND installation is the relationship between man and space in the context of motion and temporality. the interactive installation designed especially for the show of the Plusmínusnula Gallery, reinterprets the space as a machine activated by the visitors themselves. the exhibition room is meshed with a construction controlled by laser beams. the grid structure is the reflection of the territory indicated by the laser sensors. Intersection points of the grid are linked to sand dispensing tanks. Visitors of the exhibition area cross the intersections of the laser beams, the tanks are activated and the sand starts to flow. As viewers continue to move to another intersection, the process is repeated. At the end of the one-month exhibition the sandpiles of different sizes will give a precise impression of the past visitors’ positions. the Implausible Works’ exhibition is a data-visualization experiment made into a site-specific installation where the medium is the substance of the universe, the stardust itself.