Augmented Fiction

multimedia installation by Implausible Works Collective, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest, 2017

With digital devices, we are increasingly able to recreate reality. Our visual experiences are defined more and more with the use of immaterial, continuously changing visual information and the code series which determine them, pushing static contents further to the margins. Free accessibility, chance, and the variables of the space-time-spectator system of coordinates contain innumerable combinational potentials in the fields of depictions of reality or film-making based on intelligent imagery. In the interactive installation Augmented Fiction, with the use of augmented reality, visitors can create an experimental film out of abstracted elements borrowed from the sci-fi genre. Visitors can roam as cinematographers among the AR markers, which they can read with aid of the Interactive Print Application. They discover the virtual holograms and the parallel world of coded contents on their phone’s screen. In the space of the installation, the narrative fragments thus unite into a subjective image-flow.