Days, 86400.00066 sec – sequencer

analog photo series - slide projection, different projection sizes, 2019

This projected image series is closely connected to the other project showcased at the ‘Days, 86400.00066 sec’ exhibition, subtitled  ‘Instant’. Both projects aim to reveal the essence of time by capturing the Sun directly through the unusual , 24 hours long exposure time. This screening was organised so the sequence of days could be observed. 

I developed sequencer cameras that use 35 mm positive film, which were then placed on ten different locations around the city for about a month. At the exhibition the photographs that they had taken were projected onto a horizontal surface with the trajectory of the Sun slowly flowing from image to image, from day after day.  The space was filled with the rhythmic clicking of the projectors which further enhanced the sequential nature of the phenomenon.

The research into these special imaging processes, designing and developing the cameras and creating the images took almost a year. During the work process I was motivated by the desire to create an ancient and mythical experience, something similar to what our ancestors, who were responsible for the first cosmic observations, must have felt.


FKSE Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2019.10.29. – 2019.11.08.

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2021.12.15 – 2022.01.29.