Days, 86400.00066 sec – instant

analog photo series - instant photographs, 8.9 x 10.8 cm, 2019

The ‘Days, 86400.00066 sec’ exhibition showcasing my project – which is also connected to my doctoral research – builds upon the dilemma of the perceptibility of space and time and the possibility of their visualisation, using astronomical principles as a starting point.

The series of slides showcased in the exhibition space of  Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület (Studio of Young Artists’ Association) was made using a perceptual method whose primary aim is the analog photographical representation of the passing of time. The end results were photographs that had captured the motion of our planet by mapping the Sun’s apparent movement in the sky.

The process was based on certain solographic methods that produce images without the need for chemical processing. In these cases the visual is created by the partly accidental discoloration of some kind of monochromic material due to its exposure to light. However, for this exhibition I had experimented with techniques that also carried the possibility of color representation. The other important aspect was to somehow capture the imprint of time, the cyclically recurring occurrence, the direct trace of one day.

For the project I’ve developed instant film cameras with an exposure time of 24 hours. The cameras were placed on several locations around Budapest and Paks with the intention to capture the relation between the Sun’s path and the given space. The nature of the positive instant film allowed for images that are in direct connection with the object of their observation, the light of the celestial body.


FKSE Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2019.10.29. – 2019.11.08.

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2021.12.15 – 2022.01.29.