multimedia installation, 6 x 2.5 x 0.3 m, 2019

This installation visualises the extremely low frequency waves that the human body is unable to detect. In this radio wave spectrum we can find certain noises generated by electronic devices. I have started to record this type of interference, starting at Hungary’s only nuclear and the largest power plant, Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The location of the first recording was the high voltage power line right next to the power plant. To be able to record the noise I have built a loop antenna using an almost 100 meter long copper wire with the diameter of 2,5 mm2. This device was the detector while the recording itself was made by an audio recorder with a preamplifier. The final recording was made by the looping and the digital amplification of the sound file, having adjusted the pitch of the data to the physical characteristics of the foil. 



• Art Gallery Paks – Hangar, Paks, 2019.09.

• Nonhuman, Társalgó Gallery, Budapest, 2020.02.21. – 2020.03.06.