Space-time panoramas

analog photo series, prints 50 cm in height, 2020

This series is made up of visualisations of the essence of 1 day, the basis of our definition of time, achieved by photographing the space around a camera with one 24 hour-long exposure. The motor integrated into the camera aims to compensate for our planet’s rotation so ideally – depending on our aim – by placing either the Sun or the Moon at its center, it is able to follow their movement continuously. The horizontal axes of the photographs not only represent the space surrounding the camera, but also the time of its creation, thanks to the length of the exposure combined with the timed rotation of the camera. One of the starting points of the project was the desire to somehow merge day and night in one single photograph. This was achieved with the use of a medium format roll camera that had been converted to a slit scan camera, as well as a specially made electronically controlled camera mount.


Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2021.12.15 – 2022.01.29.