Cosmic Frequencies – Solar Probe

sound installation, 1.2 x 4.5 x 0.1 m, 2021

‘Solar Probe’ is the first work in the light and sound installation series titled ‘Cosmic Frequencies’ which explores certain cosmic interactions that cannot be detected directly by human perception. The installation visualises sonificated data collected by the Parker Solar Probe, which is currently orbiting the Sun, from the surrounding electric and magnetic fields. For this a program was written which attempts to reproduce the detected frequencies based on available sound files, which then appear on the surface of the installation in the form of waves. Simultaneously, a light that is integrated into the installation is reflected on its undulatory surface, augmenting its rays onto the surrounding space in the form of a constantly changing pattern.


FKSE studio no. 3, Budapest, 2021.01.31.

Hungarian university of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2021.12.15. – 2022.01.29.