Celestial frequencies

multimedia installation, 2 x 4 x 0.5 m, 2018 - Implausible Works collective

The planets of our solar system are positioned around the Sun in increasing orbit size. The farther away from the Sun they are, the slower circulation speed they have. The installation represents the speed of the planets in proportion to each other, constantly reminding us of their billions of years of existence. 

The installation is comprised of 8 identical structures. The upper part of these structures is a mechanically moved metal profile which is tipping in a cyclical manner. The frequency of the movement is scaled to the orbital speed of the planet the given structure represents. This way the steel spheres placed on the metal profiles roll down on their own lines at different times. Upon the impact at the end of their appointed route they generate a sound, the frequency of which depends on the orbital speed of their represented planet. This effect creates an atmosphere of sound in the space.


• Star-Field Exhibition by Implausible Works Collective Labor Gallery, Budapest, 2018.05.10.- 2018.05.18.